Social Media Series Part 1: Professionally Tweeting

August 16, 2011 at 7:47 pm

By Melanie Witkower

Who is a guru? How is it possible to get that many followers? And where are these birds that are tweeting? Some people are just getting their feet wet in the online social world while others are self-proclaimed masters of social media. Regardless of your knowledge base, I’m sure there is plenty of room for growth! As BDI’s social media coordinator I will be writing the Social Media Series with advice to help you expand your online presence!

Part 1: Professionally Tweeting

In today’s world, a great social media presence goes a long way. However, the obstacle many face is determining how to correctly utilize these huge networks to benefit professionally. Don’t be ashamed, we are all learning!

The lines are blurred between what we all can officially “title” ourselves in the social media world; but, I think we should remove our focus from where we fall within the social media spectrum to reach our social potential. It does not matter what your title is today, because you can rapidly become tomorrow’s guru!

Advice for People Just Starting:

Your son or daughter may have created the account for you but now you are a little confused and shy to begin tweeting. Remember that Twitter is a fantastic listening tool! Follow your coworkers and relevant professionals in your field to observe different styles of tweets. Click on hashtags to see a stream of tweets about specific topics. When participating in conversations or TweetChats, don’t be scared to say that you are new to Twitter! People will embrace and help you out if you need assistance!

Advice for People Trying To Network:

You have made a handful of great contacts that you follow, but you struggle to actively engage them or get them to follow you back. Besides complementing them, question the writers and distributors. Don’t be afraid to debate a little with an open mind– because you can easily learn something new.

Sometimes you may meet a standstill and not know where else to look for new people to engage. This is when you should keep your eyes peeled for TweetChats– the opportunity to participate in scheduled conversations through hashtags about various topics. Here are some that @bdionline regularly participates in:

  • Tuesday: #influencechat 12pm EST, #measurepr 12pm EST
  • Wednesday: #brandchat 11am EST, #smchat 1pm EST
  • Thursday: #smmeasure 12pm EST

Advice for People Trying To Be Heard:

Your followers are growing rapidly and your tweets are being re-tweeted frequently. Do not forget to continue networking by thanking and engaging your followers as frequently as they reach out to you. As a speaker, it is important to remember two big DO NOTS:

  • DO NOT constantly self promote
  • DO NOT automate your tweets so your followers’ feeds will receive multiple tweets in 30 seconds from you after hours of inactivity.

Approach Twitter the same way you would approach a face-to-face networking reception. Don’t say anything or “dress” your profile in any way that you don’t feel is appropriate in a business setting. When networking or talking, it is important to genuinely engage and add value to the conversation. Most importantly: do not dwell on what your title is in the social media world. Everyone has a ton of room to expand through social media, making us all simultaneously gurus as well as beginners.

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Melanie Witkower – Social Media Coordinator 

As Social Media Coordinator at BDI, Melanie engages, recruits, and experiments on different platforms everyday. Melanie is also a dual degree sophomore at Syracuse University in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and Martin J. Whitman School of Management. She is incredibly interested in social media, technology, marketing, public relations, and multimedia communications.


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