Sponsor Series Part 2: Devote Your Company

November 22, 2011 at 2:40 pm

By Maria Feola-Magro

Part 2: Devote Your Company

You are a sponsor! That makes you special – just as special as the other 5-100 other sponsors that are also participating in the same event.

As a sponsor, you should be devoted to the event in terms of your deliverables.  You should be responsive, attentive, and timely. There should be at least one person on your staff dedicated to the event and ready to handle materials and deadlines. 

Your event organizer probably sends you a document or email with deadline dates of when materials are due. You should review the document when you receive it and make arrangements for any items that can be handled right away.  Add the dates to your calendar and make sure you respond on time. The organizer may want to make special allowances for you but is not always able to do so since you are not the only company that they are dealing with. Your organizer did not send your deadlines without a purpose. They may also be under pressure from venue, catering, designers, etc. to have event materials, headcounts, etc. ready in time.  Be conscious of this since you may lose your opportunity to be included if you miss important deadlines.

Review your OWN materials as well. If you are sending speaker information, sponsor descriptions, names of staff, etc.; proof what you are sending and then check the event site or available documents to confirm that your material is posted the way you want it to be viewed. Your organizer is not responsible for double checking new logos, branding, staff names, etc. so make sure you provide them correctly.

If you are going to participate in an event as a sponsor, DEVOTE YOUR COMPANY to the event. Don’t just let it sit in the back of your mind until you are getting FINAL CALL emails from your event organizer!

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Maria Feola-Magro – Director of Events

As BDI’s detail-oriented and driven Event Director, Maria has increasing responsibility for marketing and event operations. Proficient in developing, organizing, and delivering successful events ranging in attendance size and event format.


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