Attendee Series Part 2: The Art of Interaction

March 19, 2012 at 3:05 am

By Jennifer Brous

Part Two: The Art of Interaction

Everyone loves a good conference. Stop for a second and think about what draws you to come to a conference – what makes you want to attend an event? Maybe the speakers are extremely credible. Maybe the presentation topics are noteworthy. Maybe your boss made you go. Or it could be that you want to meet and mingle with new conference friends (aka: network and make new contacts).

In a recent post-event survey, we found that 50% of BDI attendees registered for an event due to networking purposes. Clearly, this puts a smile on all of our faces at BDI because we strive to create new business opportunities for our attendees.

Although many of our attendees transform themselves into social butterflies, I still manage to find solo people keeping to themselves and not taking advantage of networking opportunities. Part Two of the Attendee Series provides three small tips that could make a huge, positive difference in The Art of Interaction.

Be Virtually Proactive

You social media gurus out there will appreciate this! When registering for a conference, many organizers provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with other attendees through social media. Engaging others through social media is very beneficial because you can network before, during, and after the event. If you have something to say during the presentations, don’t worry – you are still able to interact – virtually. Many events have a live twitter stream that is displayed alongside the main presentation.  This allows for real-time interaction and social networking during a conference.  Jump on the conference hashtag bandwagon and share your knowledge while connecting with others.

Don’t Be Shy

When you sign in at the event, be sure to place your name badge where other attendees can see it! For tips on getting ready, check out my first blog post, Coming Prepared. Bring plenty of business cards and begin interacting! Events are what you make out of them – the more people you are willing to meet, the more contacts you will receive and hopefully build relationships with them for the future. 

Sponsor Tables

Many conferences provide areas where sponsors can station themselves. These sponsors help make events come to life. Sponsors offer many things that may be beneficial to your company. Go from sponsor to sponsor as if you are trick-or-treating or speed dating Make sure to interact with the point person at the table – they could offer you some insight into possible solutions offered by the company. Take advantage and pick up any brochures/pamphlets offered – you may need this valuable information in the future. Also, remember to pick up any extra promotional items at the table because well, they are fun and just too exciting to walk away from!

No matter if you are a social butterfly at events or a little shy, by doing these three simple steps you are putting yourself out there in the networking world. Interaction is sometimes underrated, but as many of BDI’s attendee’s would agree, it is one of the most beneficial parts when attending a conference.

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Jennifer Brous – Sponsorship & Event Coordinator

As the Sponsorship Event Coordinator at BDI, Jennifer has a background in Event Planning, Fundraising, and Marketing. She enthusiastically interacts with event attendees and consistently looks for prospective participants that could have a positive impact on future BDI events.


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