Sponsor Series Part 3: Take Advantage of All Your Sponsor Items

May 2, 2012 at 8:25 pm

By Maria Feola-Magro

Part 3: Take Advantage of All Your Sponsor Items
If you are a sponsor of an event, you should take advantage of every aspect of your sponsorship.  At BDI, some of the items that come along with a sponsorship include a number of complimentary conference passes, the opportunity to including materials in the gift bag, and the opportunity to have a table top at the event to display promotional materials.  You should be using ALL of these items. They only help to increase your company’s exposure.
For the gift bags and the table tops or booths, you should really think about what to include and distribute to the event attendees.  How many people really pay attention to a gift bag full of pamphlets? (From my end, it’s also boring to stuff hundreds of gift bags that just have paper in them.)  Attendees actually DO use the pens, pads, USB drives, and mints that are inexpensive items that can be included with your logo on them. If you don’t have a  budget for such materials, include information, but spice it up a bit: include information for a giveaway for whoever emails you or put company information on a post card or an odd shaped flyer rather than a typical 8×11 piece of paper.
The same advice also applies to your table top or booth. If people do not know your company, they may still approach you if you have something fun, different or interesting at the table – especially if it is edible! Pick up a few bags of chocolate or candy and put them in bowls on your table. Want other ideas? Ask the event organizer! We have plenty of ideas and if you want to do something different, ask us. You can ask us if you can drive a car into the middle of the auditorium! (The worst thing that can happen is that we say no.)  Also, take advantage of that the venue has to offer in terms of props and AV. If you want to order supplies such as monitors, screens, etc. make sure you respond BEFORE the deadline. The organizer may need time to arrange things and you may be refused if the time and staff is just not available.
Complimentary passes are valuable assets to have and take advantage of. Every company should have as much staff as necessary at the event to ensure making a number of new connections. Also, make sure your staff is given proper direction to attend the conference, manage your booth or table top, network, etc. You can also use these passes for your clients and prospects.  Inviting your “a-list” contacts to attend on your behalf gives value to your contact but also allows them to see you brand in another light – whether you be presenting or displaying your current and future services. Sponsors should also realize that they have, technically, already paid for these “complimentary” passes with the sponsorship package that was purchased. Therefore, these complimentary passes are valuable from both lead-generating and monetary standpoints.
You are sponsoring this event for a reason right? To get exposure? To launch a new product? To deliver a fascinating case study? TAKE ADVANTAGE of all the options you have available and you will get the best results!

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Maria Feola-Magro – Director of Events

As BDI’s detail-oriented and driven Event Director, Maria has increasing responsibility for marketing and event operations. Proficient in developing, organizing, and delivering successful events ranging in attendance size and event format.


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